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Elevate your fitness experience with our exclusive group fitness program, where community, motivation, and results converge. Immerse yourself in a dynamic environment led by expert instructors dedicated to guiding you through invigorating workouts tailored for all fitness levels. Our carefully curated classes blend innovative exercise techniques with the latest fitness trends, ensuring a diverse and engaging experience every session.

A man and woman lifting weights.

Featured Classes


FIT Grit

High intensity interval training involves repeated bursts of high intensity effort followed by varied recovery times. These exercises are guaranteed to develop explosive power and strength.
A woman is riding a stationary bike in a gym.

Athletic Ride

From hills and valleys to open road sprints, this real road style class trains strength endurance.



Mat Pilates is a strengthening and elongating form of exercise that focuses on your core or powerhouse (trunk) muscles while also training your whole body. 

A group of women doing yoga in a gym.

Vinyasa Flow

In this class you will flow seamlessly between postures, connecting your breath to movement. This is a moving meditative experience full of bending, twisting, and lengthening. Bring your own mat.

Two people performing lunges outdoors with dumbbells.


This class is focused on building both your endurance and strength using a variety of plyometric exercises and equipment on the turf deck. 

A room full of stationary bikes in a gym.

Rhythm Ride

Get ready to turn it up and tap it back! Cycle to the beat and synchronize your cadence to the rhythm of the music in this highly energetic and challenging interval class with choreographed moves.

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