Packing for the Gym: What Should I Bring?

Knowing what to pack for the gym should at least be the easy part, right? There are so many more important questions to resolve, aren’t there? “How do I work out at a gym?”, “What machines do I use at a gym?”, and “How do I choose the right gym?” all seem far more complicated and important.

And it’s easy to see why you would think so. Packing smart for your visits to a gym in Downtown San Diego is just as important as knowing how to exercise properly. They say preparation is key, so let’s see how you should prepare.

First time going to the gym “What should I do?”

First time going to the gym “What should I do?”

If you’re new to the whole gym-going experience, if you’ve never ever ever visited a place like it, we understand just how daunting it can be. Being lost in the wild surrounded by a pack of hungry cougars doesn’t even begin to describe it. Yes, it sound scary, but it actually isn’t, not if you follow our advice.

How do I start working out at a gym?

Before you actually do sit at a machine and begin your session, there are some things you should do in preparation.

  • Set goals – Before you begin visiting a gym, you need to set the goals you’re striving towards, in order to be able to develop a good routine.
  • Set realistic goals – Don’t aim for the stars and become disappointed when you fall short. Every beginner should start off small, and work their way to more demanding goals. Don’t expect to lose a couple of pounds on your first day.
  • Consult a professional – It is always best to ask professionals about how you should work out toward your aims. Sometimes, it is even best to begin with a personal trainer, and then become independent.
What do you pack in your gym bag?

Is there such a thing as proper gym etiquette?

Yes, there is. There are unspoken rules of behaviour in gyms, ones you should try to follow, in order to quickly become a gym native.

  • No cell phones – OK, this one’s not set in stone, but do try not to answer any calls while you’re using a machine. Not only will you take up more time on a machine somebody else might want to use, but you will also disrupt the overall atmosphere.
  • Limit cardio time – If the gym is absolutely packed, don’t hog the machine for more than half an hour. It does seem fair to let everybody have their turn.
  • Wipe the machines – Yes, people sweat at gyms and no, you don’t want to find somebody else has left their imprint on a machine you want to use. That is why you should always do a quick wipe once you’re done.

What do you pack in your gym bag?

Tracksuit, water bottle, shorts… We all have a general idea of what to bring to a gym, but let’s see just what a gym bag should contain on order to be perfect.

  • Clean towel – The most basic among the basics, never go to a gym without a fresh towel.
  • Water bottle – It’s important to stay properly hydrated.
  • Protein shake/bar – When you need the extra jolt of energy mid-session.
  • Workout clothes – Comfortable clothes to work out in.
  • Post workout clothes – Clean clothes for the walk home.
  • Plastic bag – You need somewhere to store your wet towel and workout clothes.
  • Workout sneakers – No dirty outdoor shoes and sneakers in a gym.
  • Deodorant – For if you’re going out immediately afterward.
  • Clean socks – You don’t want your socks sweaty for the trip back home.
  • Extra underwear – Do we really have to explain?
  • Showering equipment – If you want to shower in the gym, you have to pack for it.
  • Lock – Just in case someone uninvited enters.

What do you wear to the gym?

When it comes to giving advice on what to wear when you work out, there isn’t a single answer proscribed by the Athletics and Fitness Association of America. You should wear whatever you feel comfortable in, as it is the only way to make sure you’re comfortable with yourself as you work out. However, we will tell you what to avoid wearing to the gym.

What do you wear to the gym?

What should I never wear to a gym?

Nobody can prohibit you from entering a gym if you’re wearing some of the items that follow, but trust us, avoiding these will make your gym-going experience a whole lot easier.

  • 100% cotton – Yes, natural materials are the best, but not for sweating. Cotton absorbs every drop of sweat, and you will soon find yourself working out in what feels like a big, heavy, wet towel.
  • Old sneakers – Not because they look old, but because you need grip when you work out, and worn-out sneakers are too slippery to achieve traction necessary to stay safe while working out.
  • Jewelry – Leave your jewelry at home. Can you just imagine using the treadmill, your gold necklace hitting you in the nose with every stride you take? That is why you should not wear jewelry to the gym.
  • Tight clothes – Gym clothes should allow enough movement for you to be able to work out comfortably. Clothes that are too tight make moving a lot harder.
  • Baggy clothes – Clothes shouldn’t be too baggy either. Just wear the clothes that fit you properly, as they allow smoothest exercising.

“My bag is packed, just need to find the best gym in San Diego!”

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