Common Mistakes that Fitness Newbies Make

Is going to the gym and exercising regularly on your list of New Year’s resolutions? Whether you are a complete beginner or returning to your favorite fitness gym in San Diego after a hiatus, this article is the read for you. Discover (or remind yourself of) some of the mistakes most commonly made by fitness beginners and what to do to not get discouraged.

Pushing too hard, too soon

While you should challenge your physical limitations, you shouldn’t be pushing yourself too far, especially at the beginning. Unfortunately, many first-time gym members lack the patience necessary for a sustainable progress. Having an “all in” attitude and not listening to your body can lead to potential injury. Injury recovery can be long and be a major set back to reaching your fitness goals. So pace yourself, this isn’t a race! Lasting results take time.

Not exercising at your own pace

In the beginning, you may compare yourself with others. That’s not a bad thing, but you shouldn’t measure up your own progress to someone else’s. Some people may be able to see results quicker than others. You should set achievable goals that are reasonable for you and your body.

Not keeping track of your progress

Whether it’s taking photos or body measurements, it’s important to keep track of your progress. After time, your notes will visually help you to see the changes you’ve made and muscle groups that need improving. Plus once you start seeing results, it’s a great way to be your own motivation!

Not thinking about proper nutrition

What you eat is as important as your workout routine. A balanced diet is supposed to complement the workout. Not eating properly can sometimes cancel out all the effort you invest in your local fitness gym in San Diego. For example, bodybuilders; they think about nutrition ALL THE TIME. Proper workout and nutrition combo definitely yields two-fold results.

Not balancing cardio and weight training

It’s a common misconception that guys should focus extensively on weights whereas gals should do the same with cardio. While they yield different results, the combination of both is beneficial for both sexes. Cardio indefinitely burns calories and helps melt away fat, while weight training helps build and sculpt muscle. However, for both men and women, incorporating weight training in addition to cardio will keep the body burning calories for several hours after a workout.

Using improper exercise form

It is vital that you use proper exercise form. You will discover that using proper technique can be more difficult, but the payoff in the long haul will be much more rewarding. In order to start seeing changes in your body, you must activate muscles that have been inactive and you can’t expect this to be easy! Besides, using proper form is the best way to get results and most importantly – aids in avoiding injuries. Always quality over quantity.

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