Recovery with a Personal Trainer vs. Physical Therapist

When faced with an injury, people are often in doubt which road to recovery to choose. We agree, the personal trainer vs. physical therapy dilemma is a tough one to crack. However, instead of beating your head about which physical therapist or personal trainer San Diego to visit, look at the benefits both options bring to the table. And, did you know? Sometimes you don’t have to make the choice at all.

Goal oriented

Both personal trainers and physical therapists working with you on recovering from an injury operate by setting goals during the process. This benefits the person in recovery by both providing a tangible workout system, but also by providing constant motivation.

Having goals to reach at every step of the way can go a long way towards keeping the person struggling with an injury in the proper frame of mind. Quite simply, people know what they’re supposed to do, work to it during every session, and feel better once they attain it. There is no personal trainer vs. physical therapist here.


There are group training sessions, and individual training sessions. However, when dealing with an injury, one-on-one sessions are far more frequent.

By having a specialist all for yourself, the process will be all the quicker, as he or she can focus on you and your needs alone. You don’t have to worry about them not allocating enough time to you. There will be only the two of you, and all the time in the world for you to get things right.

Personalized regime

Yes, every physical therapist and personal trainer creates a workout regime based on the needs of the client. This is especially true in injury recovery situations. In order to come back from an injury, the glove has to fit the client’s hand perfectly.

So, if you have any worries about which specialist to choose, in order to receive the best treatment for your injury, you no longer have to. Specialists are there for you. They will tailor the regime specifically for your injury, and the recovery will be as efficient and stress-free as possible.

Avoiding surgery

Whether you choose physical therapy or personalized training sessions, it is an attempt at avoiding surgery. And, taking into account the expertise of the specialist you want to work with, in many cases, it can be avoided. If working with a personal trainer or a physical therapist eliminates or lessens the pain, you are less likely to have to undergo a surgical procedure.

Even in those instances where surgery is unavoidable, you can greatly benefit from pre-surgery workout regime. No need to ponder the personal trainer vs. physical therapy decision. Both will make your body stronger, you will go to the operating table in the best possible shape, thus greatly speeding up recovery after surgery.

Bond and trust

Finally, we come to an issue rarely discussed when talking about injury recovery. People usually concentrate on goals, results, workout regimes, and rarely stop to consider the psychological aspect of it all.

Dealing with an injury is difficult. The person is left in a vulnerable state of physical and mental exhaustion. Some even have doubts about whether or not they will ever fully recover from an injury. That is where personal trainers and physical therapists step in.

The person working with you, helping you heal, helping you achieve your goals, motivating you and pushing you further down the difficult road has to be a person you can trust. You need to believe in them, and in their expertise.

When working with experienced professionals, no matter if they are personal trainers or physical therapists, you will create a professional, sometimes personal bond, a friendship even, greatly easing your efforts. They will earn your trust, show that you can believe in them, and help with the psychological struggle of it all. They will become your brother in arms, guiding you every step of the way.

Personal trainer vs. physical therapist? No need to choose anymore!

Did you know there are professionals who are personal trainers, but are also certified physical therapists? Well, we at Fit Athletic employ that kind of professionals. If you’ve sustained an injury, looking for an efficient road to recovery, look no further. We have the best of both worlds, or, rather, two worlds combined. We can provide all the benefits of physical therapy and personalized injury recovery regime. Call us for more info today!

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