How to Encourage Your Child to Be Physically Active

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a number of young Americans have unhealthy lifestyles. A June 2015 report shows that over 30 percent of adults aged 20 and over, 20 percent of adolescents, and 17 percent of children aged 6-11 years are obese. The number of overweight young people in the U.S. has been tripled since 1980. Physical activity is not part of our and our children’s days anymore as it used to be. Most Americans are sedentary and children who are inactive are more likely to become inactive adults. There are, however, many ways gyms in Solana Beach can instill healthy habits in children. One of the best things you can do as a parent is to encourage your child to be more physically active and create the habit of healthy eating and exercise.

Strong children are healthy children. Use the power of good habits in your whole family’s routine and instill healthy attitudes toward physical activity and exercise in your children. Consult a reliable personal trainer and feel free to add a splash of variety to your lives and into your parenting style!

Set a good example for your kid

You are the best role model for your kids! Use it well by setting a good example. Make sure that physical exercise and healthy habits are one of your top priorities. Your children will naturally follow you and become more active themselves.

You have an opportunity to teach your kid about the significance of exercise. Join one of the local workout gyms in Solana Beach, maintain a regular workout routine and show your child how committed a person can be to a healthy lifestyle.

Embrace the outdoors together

With our packed schedule, it is important to spend quality time with our kids. What better way than spending time together – outdoors! You and your child can have lots of fun out in the neighborhood, engaging in physical activity and bonding with each other.

Go to the playground, visit a park, play Frisbee together, or encourage your kid to ride a bike. There’s a myriad of fun activities you and your child can choose from. Each and every one comes with the benefit of spending time in nature and being more active – together.

Make exercise fun

Show your kid that exercise can be fun. Dancing is also a form of exercise! Just put on some music and turn your house into a dancefloor. Your child will exercise without even realizing it.

Your family can play tag or go rollerblading together. Baseball bats and bikes are great for getting your children moving. Preschool kids can ride pedal cars and tricycles. Providing your children with toys and equipment that are fun and will keep them active is always a good parenting decision.

Cheer your child on

If you cheer your kids on, you will not only give them support, but also help them build their self-esteem. Encourage your child to choose a sport she or he wants to be a part of.

Sports participation will increase your kid’s activity levels and reduce time spent playing video games and watching TV. Whenever possible, attend your child’s sporting events as their greatest fan, regardless of whether they lose or win the game.

Get your child away from the TV

Cut back on your child’s TV time and provide fun alternatives the kid can do instead. Smart phones and tablets also take time away from other activities. Reducing your child’s screen time has educational, health and psychological benefits.

Develop a system for managing screen time and do it in a positive way. If your child gets angry for not allowing him to watch their favorite cartoon, they probably won’t be eager to go out to ride a bike with you.

Bring your kid to the best among local workout gyms

Are you looking for local workout gyms that offer age-appropriate exercises and activities for children? If you live in the San Diego area, Fit Athletic is your and your child’s go-to place! We can encourage your kid to stay healthy and physically active.

Sign your child up for our individual classes specifically designed for kids. As part of our Fit Kids program available in Fit Carmel Mountain, trained professionals will help your child develop good habits, learn about nutrition and reach their full potential. Fit boasts first-class workout facilities and amenities that will help you and your child achieve your health and wellness goals. We also provide an outstanding playcare service in Solana Beach! Fit can make physical activity a fun part of your regular family life!

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