Transform Your Life with Reformer Pilates

What’s the story behind Reformer Pilates?

The reformer came about at the end of WW1. The method creator Joeseph Pilates was interned in England with other German Nationals. During his internment, Pilates rigged springs to hospital beds, enabling bed ridden patients to exercise against resistance, an innovation that later led to his equipment design for the reformer.

How does reformer Pilates work?

Pilates consists of a gliding carriage inside a metal frame connected to a system of springs, pulleys, and ropes/straps. Clients can sit, kneel, plank, lie on the carriage and push and pull the foot bar and ropes. Resistance is provided by the attached springs(the importance of tempos in resistance training) and exercises target every part of the body.

What can reformer Pilates do for me?

Look better.

Pilates creates better posture so one can stand taller and look fitter. It activates deep abdominal muscles and promotes a flat stomach (unlike many ab exercises that only work the rectus – a superficial ab muscle). Pilates reformer exercises lift ‘buns’ and create the long lean ‘toned’ look!

Improve performance.

Consider weight lifting, which trains the big muscles we all have. Pilates training activates the smaller, stabilizing muscles (the muscles around the joint that can only be trained at a small load – or they turn off and the big muscles take over.) Using correct movement patterns, reformer Pilates strengthens the smaller supporting muscles around the joint. Your larger muscles will be able to handle a heavier load because the smaller muscles have been strengthened as well. This also can help support and stabilize your joints and run like the wind for a faster race.

Heal & prevent injuries.

Reformer Pilates is excellent rehab for your body. It’s perfect when addressing spine, neck, shoulder hip, knee and repetitive stress injuries. The pilates principle of core stabilization addresses posture, muscle performance and motor control; the same concepts that form the basis of most orthopedic rehabilitation and therapy. The reformer has an extensive repertoire of exercises that can be modified to each client. 

IMPROVE your sex life!
A Pilates workout is part gymnastic, part stretch and part strength training. The level of control you develop over your muscles will parlay nicely in the bedroom, where control issues can at times get the best of us.

Enhance your sex life.

A specific muscle known as the pubococcygeus, or PCG, is responsible for helping men sustain their stamina and for helping women to intensify their own experience. Pilates is like doing Kegels all the time! This muscular contraction is used frequently in Pilates but really pays off later, when you need it most.

And of course, gaining flexibility in the hips and legs and increasing strength in your pelvis and butt will give you more choices on what positions you can attempt, and more physical endurance for longer rounds! It can also prevent pulled muscles and potential injuries if you enjoy more athletic sexual experiences, wink wink.

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