Can Yoga Fix My Posture?

Sometimes, just straightening your back is not enough to fix the problems with your posture. You need to become physically active, exercise, and tone your whole body. But nobody says good posture is all about dumbbells. You just have to find the best Solana Beach yoga classes and get cracking. Even yoga for beginners can work wonders, and we’re not even going to mention how much an advanced style, such as vinyasa yoga, can benefit your physical bearing. So, can yoga fix posture issues? It certainly can. Let’s see how exactly yoga does it.

Yoga increases body awareness

Perhaps the most important reason why yoga can work wonders with your posture is increased body awareness. In order to know how to remedy the issues, you first have to know how to locate them.

When you practice yoga, you have to be mindful of every little part of your body, and that it is doing exactly what it should be. The same goes for resolving posture troubles. In order to even begin to do so, you first have to know where those troubles originate from, and then proceed to do the rest.

Yoga improves upper-back and shoulder strength

The biggest challenge many people who have bad posture face is exactly the lack of upper-body, primarily back and shoulder strength, necessary to keep the body upright. It is, therefore, normal for people to be skeptical and ask “How can yoga fix posture when all it does is stretch the body?”.

Well, this common yoga misconception could not be farther from the truth. Although some yoga styles do not focus on strength, they will strengthen your core and, thus, bolster your posture. There are also many styles that can certainly help you become physically stronger.

Some positions are incredible when it comes to building shoulder and upper-body strength, such as full locust, various cobra poses, and dolphin. So, if you want an answer to your”Can yoga fix posture?” question, you may want to dig deeper and see which yoga classes near your location can incorporate these positions, and try them out. You won’t regret it.

Yoga boosts shoulder and chest mobility

Besides building strength of your upper body, yoga also greatly improves its mobility. Even the simplest of yoga movements are quite enough to maintain the optimal level of body mobility. Although they don’t seem at all difficult, you’d be surprised by how much even the slightest of movements can do for your overall mobility.

And, why is mobility important for good posture? If the ability of your body to move and function adequately diminishes, pain may appear, which you then might try to compensate for by making changes in your posture. And these changes are always for the worse. So, to avoid having to consciously put your body in a bad position, take up yoga and oil every joint up.

Yoga develops your core strength

And core strength is crucial, as it is what allows us to keep our bodies upright as we walk. Without it, we would all end up permanently hunched. Since virtually every yoga position activates your core, it is a great way to make it stronger, thus eliminating any desire to walk with your back sloping.

Yoga emphasizes correct spinal positioning

The final part of our answer to “Can yoga fix posture?” resides in the fact that many yoga poses make you align your spine to its neutral position. And, neutral spine is the exact position we should strive to spend the majority of our day in.

Proper spinal alignment is just as important as shoulder muscle, or back strength, or awareness and flexibility of your body. Neutral spine position is, essentially, the epitome of the “keep your back straight” remark that many of us have often heard from our parents. They were right.

Yoga places you in such positions where you really do need to straighten and align your spine in order to perform them correctly. By constantly being involved in an exercise regime where you need to keep your spine in neutral, it means that it will become second nature to you, and that you’ll start doing it subconsciously. This will help you eliminate slouching and hunching, and bring you one step closer to perfect posture.

Can yoga fix posture?”, you ask? Come to our gym and see for yourself

Here at Fit Athletic, we have created the perfect setting for all your yoga desires. It’s pleasant and serene, and we have no doubt that it will fulfill all your goals. Plus, we also hire only the most experienced yoga instructors. We want you to have the best help you can get when taking your first steps into the wonderful world of yoga. Yes, yoga can help with your posture, but it can also do so much more. If you want to find out just how much it can do, stop by our gym today, and schedule a yoga class. We’re waiting for you.

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